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Contest of test of male basket negative France meets with 3 defeat Yi Jianlian to take 20+5 Yi Li 14 minutes repeatedly
Beijing time on August 19, in London the test surpasses the 3rd match in, chinese team with 59-76 not enemy French team, experience 3 be defeated repeatedly. The score of 4 matches is (Chinese group is leading) 7-22, 15-14, 15-18, 22-22.
Benchangbi surpasses Yi Jianlian to take 5 bank, yi Li takes 1 bank, sun Yue 9 minutes of 2 backboard 2 secondary attack, zhang Zhaoxu is taken, zhang Bo is taken; The Batumu of French team is taken, pitelusi [url=http://michaeljordanshoes.yolasite.com/]michael jordan shoes[/url] is taken.
First match begins, both sides launchs seesaw battle, chinese team planted agent is attacked twice procurable, french team also is cast repeatedly belt punish take, chinese team breaks even score through penalty shot. Team of after this France uses quick attack to connect 4 minutes, precede with 9-6. Although rested,10 Wang Zhi mosts go into battle of a suit of armour, take through penalty shot, but when Chinese team ends first times, still with 7-22, backward adversary 15 minutes.
Second section again battle, diaoli uses French line quick attack, the Lan Jiangong on planted agent breakthrough, yi Li hits the target left wing stricks back 3 minutes, chinese team turned score into 10-24. Subsequently French team retaliated the basket on a breakthrough, add punish hit the target. Yi Li exterior line continues to send power, left-wing 3 distribute prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun, the basket on breakthrough of Zhang Zhaoxu planted agent is procurable, but immediately France team stricks back through right-wing aggression, nuo A and a place of strategic importance are pulled put basket to chop 4 minutes again through smooth bottom early or late, french team turned score into 33-15, big score is backward before, zhang Zhaoxu two punish one in, su Wei (small gain) have the goal on adversary forcedly procurable, turned score into 18-33. Aggression of A couplet planted agent connects 4 minutes, will divide difference to narrow 11 minutes. Batumu periphery is direct 3 divide thread a needle and pass, the score of match of half of a game or contest the lock was in surely 36-22, french team is banner Chinese team 14 minutes.
Yi Bian again battle, build couplet and Sun Yue dragon of the Yu Shu on Chinese team dispatch, Zhang Bo, Su Wei, easily, begin before long, batumu jumps cast hit the target 2 minutes, aggression of Yi Jianlian planted agent stricks back, zhang Bo two in punishing one, chinese team turned score into 25-41. Subsequently, yi Jianlian two punish two in, bamutu is odd the arm is cruel buckle retaliate 2 minutes. After building couplet smooth bottom easily to put Lan Jiangong, yu Shu dragon half basket is procurable, build couplet easily subsequently two punish two in, will divide difference to narrow 11 minutes, 34-45. French team calls aggression small climax again, zhang Zhaoxu fills basket is procurable, chinese team is when the 3rd end, turned score into 37-54.
Minor details is again afterwar, the basket on Yili one continuous line is procurable, immediately enlighten abstruse half basket retaliates 2 minutes, yi Li again planted agent hits the target, but French team also is built by planted agent of leather spy Lu Si result. Yi Jianlian two punish completely medium, turned score into 45-58. Subsequently, french team is cast repeatedly take punish hit into 10-3 small climax again, turned score into 68-48. Chinese team gets 6 minutes continuously through planted agent aggression, and French team is explicit also, go up twice basket is procurable. The be sentimentally attached to each other that both sides makes this, each get 22 minutes. Final, chinese team with 59-76 not enemy French team, experience checks competition 3 be defeated repeatedly.
Chinese team head hair for: Build dragon of couplet, Yu Shu, Zhang Bo Zhu Fang rain, Sun Yue, easily
French head sends a battle array: Batumu, nuo A, enlighten abstruse, gelabale, aerbisi.